Thursday, July 04, 2002

Have you ever noticed how one simple thing can remind you of so many moments in your life? Tonight there was several things that just triggered memory after memory. After I got off of work, Thomas & I went and visited my parents for a little 4th of July cook-out, after we ate, My dad & Thomas were shooting a bow & arrow, and I sat there in a chair, and all around us there were lightening bugs everywhere. They are such friendly little creatures, you put your hand out, and they will just land there and walk around or blink at you before flying off to hoover somewhere nearby... very graceful too... but It reminded me of all the times that I caught lightening bugs as a little girl... and how we would always release them the next morning. It also reminded me of my friend Sarah who died in a car accident a few years ago. One time when we were Sophomores in high school we went out and did the electric slide at night in a little patch of land next to my house, and when we were doing it, all these lightening bugs gathered around... we always liked to joke and say that the electric slide would attract them... I'm not really sure we were wrong... feel free to go out and try this and get back to me on it. *LOL* ;oP Later on we were watching some fireworkes, and I really didn't think of all the different times I had watched fireworks, but of a time a few years ago when I watched them at a lake, and how beautiful and magical it had been... the reflection of the fireworks in the water sure did add to the experience.... but I have to admit that watching the little display tonight wasn't as big or as magical, but it sure was nice to be around the ones that I love while it was going on. I've found that the only bad thing about having family in so many places is it just really isn't as possible to share every holiday or special moment with everyone... but it's good to be able to share it with some of them. =o) I'm not sure who checks this page, but I can't wait to read a comment sometime *hint* *hint* =o) Hope you had a happy Fourth of July! Goodnight
Yah! I got Yaccs! =o) Happy 4th of July!
Yesterday when I woke up, I woke up from a dream where I was spending time with my little sister. That may sound pretty common to you, but my little sister lives with her mother and I have not had the opportunity to see her for about 4 years now. She's around 7... and I always hear about her from people who do get to see her, and her mother sends us a picture of her for christmas... It's a poor substitute to say the least. It's amazing how you can think your used to something and fine with it... but then your subconcious tells you differently... I'm missing her today.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

My Beauty Aura....

~Find Your Beauty Aura~

And in Friendship....
I'm The Supporter!
If I were a Dwarf.....

I'm Bashful!
I just took this quiz to find out which type of peircing... it's really no suprise that I am....

Which Piercing are you?

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Well I got an e-mail back and I did get the domain name! I've been working a little bit on some graphics for the site. I'm really excited about this (a little obsessive about it too! *LOL*) It is going to be a few days before they get the domain name in my name and everything but until then here is a sneak peak:

Hope you like it!!! =o)
Yippeeee, guess what? I spent a long time tonight looking through domain hosts and thinking up a name that I would like to have for my domain. I couldn't stop thinking about it as I was tossing and turning in bed, so I knew I had to get up and go ahead and get it or I would never get any sleep. =o) I found a great hosting place that isn't overly expensive, and buying the domain from them was only $5! I'm so very excited!!!! =o) The name I chose for my domain is . It isn't currently taken so *crosses fingers* hopefully no one snatched it up in the few minutes before I purchased. *LOL* Well I'm going to go *TRY* to sleep now... =o)

Monday, July 01, 2002

There has definately been some weirdness since I started this blog, not the least of which was my graphics not showing up, but then showing up after I went to the website where I am hosting them and just clicked on them. I hope this isn't a daily hassle.... I really want this blog to look nice & NOT have broken links & graphics... *YUCK* I have hopes of getting my own website for Alley's Adorables, maybe I should check in to this sooner if this becomes a problem. Hope your having a good day. =o)
Okay, i'm not sure why my graphics are not showing up, I'm seeing what I can do. I'm also considering another blog name... Whimsical Whisperings... do you like that better? I already reserved it and all just incase i decided to change.. =o)