Friday, June 28, 2002

Thank you to Paula for helping me fix my background problem!!! Your the best! =o) Now I'm HAPPY =o)
I'm still really excited about my blog, but I WANT it to be perfect and that is just not happening right now. I thought that with the knowledge I have of HTML I would have been able to figure out how to change the backgrounds but so far no-such-luck! If you know how i can get any of my backgrounds to go in instead of this templete PLEASE let me know. =o)

Well I'm going to go & cook dinner now. If I had one of those "I am" symbols on the side already it would say FRUSTRATED! =o)
So I'm really excited about having my own Blog. I had to leave the house today and run some errands and the whole time I was out, I kept thinking about what I would call it and the graphics I could create to decorate it... and worrying that I wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it! *LOL* I'm a member of a wonderful group of graphic artists called Country Graphic Makers (CGM for short) that I posted to asking about Blogs, and they helped me figure out where would be a good place to set up at. =o) I'm going to go try to figure everything else out now... Later =o)