Tuesday, September 17, 2002


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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Okay so I'm WWAAAAAYYY Behind posting, I'm just really busy in my real life right now. I think all you girls that come and visit & sign my tag board are just the most wonderful girls in the world though! *LOL* I wish I had more time right now to come visit you all =o( I start back to school on the 21st, and I have about a million things to do before then. I'm working hard to get my house in order, get clothes clean and all that before school starts, because I know once I go back, i'm busy 7 days out of 7 days and I'm going to want to do very little to keep up with the house! *LOL* So far things are looking pretty good, clothes are clean, the house is clean except for some mopping and dusting... but I still need to unpack some boxes, cleanout my closet, get rid of some things, and clean out the fridge (yuck... *gag*) *LOL* =o) Hope you all are having a wonderful day & everything! *big hugs* Alley =o)

Monday, August 05, 2002

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Well, It's official, Wishes & Whims Graphics is now up and running. I'm so tired & I'm soooo nervous! Remind me to tell you about my critical thinking class when I'm less tired. *LOL* If your reading this please go visit my site. =o)


Sunday, July 28, 2002

How do you typically spend your Sundays?:

Well, my main job is a weekend job that I work at from 8am-8pm on Saturday & Sunday (yes it's part time but it's perfect for a college student who wants to have a life during the week!) I work with a lady who has a mental handycap and I help her to do things. I've mentioned her before in this blog because sometimes she asks me things that are hard for me to answer, but I have to tell you I've grown quite fond of her! On sundays when i work, I get there at 8am, and she will sleep until around 10 when I will wake her up, at 10:30 we leave for church, where we are until around 12:30. When we get back from church I take my blood sugar and eat my breakfast. I usually read a book or something while she watches t.v. or naps. Later on, we go to the laundromat (I take a book with me there too.. it's a LOT of waiting). After the laundromat, we go back to her place again, and she does any programs that she hadn't accomplished by this time, and I will read or such. She is pretty quiet and doesn't like to talk a whole lot, but she does like to listen to music and watch t.v. Another good thing about this job is that if I *did* have any homework (It's summer so I do not now) I can take it in and get it done while I'm working. At 6 on Sunday, we watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on T.V. I'll eat about this time, and at 7 I make sure all the paperwork that I have is completely finished for the day. at 8pm I leave and come home, where Thomas hopefully has already made dinner. =o) at 10pm on sunday we watch Dead Zone on USA.. then I get on my computer and try to answer the Bizillion e-mails i've gotten while I was away working. =o) *hugs*
My favorite Candy & How I'm Like it:
Needless to say being a diabetic this one is hard to me, because even though I'm allowed sweets, i'm only allowed them in moderation, and I *try* not to really eat that much of them at all for fear I might not be able to stop! How about I tell you the thing that has been HARDEST for me to give up (of which i haven't even snacked on for fear of wanting too much!) My favorite candy is FROSTED CHERRY POPTARTS! I know it's *supposed* to be for breakfast, but it has always been my favorite snack. I don't even really like any poptarts besides the frosted cherry ones, but these I never thought I would have to go without! How am I like them? well, being diabetic, I'm *high in sugar* so... I'm VERY SWEET just like them! *LOL* I'm also a very colorful person. Compared to the other poptarts I could choose, the cherry one's frosted pink coating with red sprinkles is more like an outfit that I would wear. I love LOTS of color, and I LOVE sparkle as well. I have searched long and hard to find a CHERRY Sented body spray because I love the scent of CHERRY very much. I finally found a kids one, but it isn't liquid it is more of a goo (at Bath & Body Works) so I don't wear it very often. If you know of one that is just liquid let me know! *LOL* Although I have the Sparkly & the sweet in my personality, I also have the stable and sensible side to me, like the back of the poptart. I'm a pretty stable person. *LOL* *hugs* =o)
my FIRST kiss with THOMAS:
Thomas and I were at get together at a friend of our's house. He was wanting to have a "Murder Mystery" and Thomas and I were there early to practice for it. In the murder mystery, I was supposed to die and someone else was supposed to kill me, and the reason for it was because Thomas & I were secretly seeing eachother behind our significant others backs. Now although it wasn't necessarily like that, the mystery was pretty close to the truth. Thomas & I both liked eachother and we were seeing other people, but we were both in pretty bad relationships that were coming to an end. Anyways, we went into the bathroom to practice some of the "murder mystery" and while we were there, we got into this little "dare" We started talking about how we could never kiss. I tried kissing him, and started laughing because I couldn't, and he tried to kiss me and started laughing before he could as well. I don't know why but all of a sudden I saw that as a challenge, I reached behind me and turned off the light, and I dont' know if I pulled him to me as I leaned against the door or if he pressed me up against it, but we kissed, and it was magical. =o) For the longest time just saying "bathrooms" was a inside joke with us because of this. So all you FWF's girls... BATHROOMS MEAN SOMETHING TO ME BESIDES POTTY TRAINED ! *LOL* *hugs* =o)
My VERY first kiss:
Well, I was 12 and it was Oct. 27th, 1992 2 days after my birthday. I was dating my first boyfriend Adam (who I dated for 5 years, and who is still one of my very best friends in the world, and his wife is too!). We were with some kind of group that went to the skating rink, and although we were at the skating rink I wasn't the best skater and for some reason we had been in the practice rink. This wasn't a very private place, actually there were all kinds of people we knew all around us, and we sat down on the seat there, and he kissed me. I had been SOOOO looking forward to that moment, and when it happened it was nice, but what I remember most is how I PANICED! *LOL* I rushed out of there and called another friend of mine. I had been expecting a "just lips" kiss for my first kiss, but he had "french kissed" me! *LOL* It's funny now to think back on. Well, from that little kiss in the practice rink, for some reason the rumor all over school after that was that we had sex UNDER the pool table at the skating rink. Now you tell me... do you even think thats POSSIBLE? *LOL* anyways that was my first kiss.
my favorite childhood books: Okay I'm a few days late with this one, and I don't want to sound like I'm copying (Melody *at least I believe it was you*, It's the same as yours!), but my favorite books as a child is the Anne of Green Gables books! I LOVE these books, I have a worn copy of them (the ones over and over) and a better copy (the ones I save to look nice) *LOL* I started reading them again last night after thinking about this. I love these books, and I think they call out to the kindred spirit in all of us. Who has read this book and didn't want to be just like Anne? Doesn't that just GRAB your imagination? Who didn't thrill over her & Gilberts relationship? I know I love it. I'm enjoying reading these books again right now. Some parts break your heart, like when Matthew dies... I'm getting to that part now, and even though I know it is going to happen, I sure don't want it too. =o(
Weekends are pretty hectic for me, and this one has been even more hectic than usual... so If you've came and said hello and I somehow missed you and didn't get to your page, I'm really truly sorry! I appreciate everything everyone has said and all the support. It's so nice when everyone is so kind! *hugs* Here is an update with what is going on with Thomas. His car is still not drivable, but he has a cousin who is going to loan him her car until they can pay for the damage to the girls car, and then get his fixed when they have the money, so that takes care of the big worries. With having a car he will be able to work and get to school so he will not have to move out and I will not have to find another roommate or anything. My dad was pretty protective when he found out what was happening. My dad & Thomas have seemed to really bonded lately since they started shooting bows together. Who knew that would happen? BUT I'M SO GLAD! =o) Dad sees this as that girls fault, and that no one should just slam on their breaks & come to a complete stop without some kind of a warning. He was in an accident once where this happened and he was the one in the back and he didn't get a ticket so he says he knows it isn't always the person in the backs fault when these things happen. He has bought this $200 car and he was going to let Thomas drive it, even though it doesn't look great it runs, but luckily Thomas's cousin is loaning him hers. See it seems like everyone was more than willing to be helpful... and I'm more than glad, I feel absolutely bless. I don't want to sound cocky or anything, but I really believed from the beginning that this would all work itself out. =o)

Friday, July 26, 2002

Hello again. Today I was supposed to post about my favorite child-hood book, but I got busy doing other things. Actually I'm pretty happy because I got most of the kitchen cleaned up & most of the laundry done, and made some very good chili =o). It was an alright day, except Tonight as Thomas was coming home from work he was in a car accident. It wasn't too bad, and he is perfectly fine, but his car isn't, and his mom is pretty upset. She's afraid they are going to loose their insurance, and if that happens Thomas will not have a car and he will have to move back into the dorms because he will no longer have a job. I know I haven't told you this, but after I was diagnosed with Diabetes, Thomas's family & My family got together and discussed what we were going to do. I could no longer live in the dorms, and it's cheaper to *not* live in the dorms. They convinced us to get an apartment together even though living together before we were married was not something that either of us had ever *wanted* to do. In all my sociology classes they say that couples that live together before they get married are more likely to divorce, and all kinds of other stuff. But with my health being what it was and money being tight all around, it has been the best solution. The thing I like most is that since we both have busy schedules, this way we get to see eachother every day, which was not something we ever were able to do before. Imagine one person going to school & working, then add another person going to school & working with an entirely different schedule (you can see why we had trouble seeing eachother! *LOL*) Anyways, I hope you won't think less of me for knowing that My roommate is also Thomas, it isn't *like* that, and it's one of the reasons I chose not to say anything to most people in the first place. I am hoping for the best. There is *NO* way I can make the rent on my own, and almost everyone who is looking for a roommate, has already found them a place to live. Not only that, but It would be awful to not get to see him very much again... I've kinda grown accustom to having him around. So.... here is hoping and praying.. .

Thursday, July 25, 2002

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